What Is A Specialty Camp? // 3 Tips To Choosing The Right Program

Campers kayaking, horseback riding and playing paintball.

October 14, 2019

What Is A Specialty Camp? // 3 Tips To Choosing The Right Program

Aaron Munoz

River Way Ranch Camp provides a wide range of opportunities to learn, grow, and build confidence within your child. We get the question a lot, what is a specialty camp? We hope this helps clear some things up.

What’s the difference between a specialty program and the River Way Ranch Camp program?

Several families of our Ranchero and Senior (entering 5th-11th grade) age campers have reached out asking what the difference is between a specialty program and the River Way Ranch Camp program. With the River Way Ranch Camp program, your camper will choose their activities with our free-choice signups. They will have the opportunity to try all of our most popular activities, from horseback riding to wakeboarding.

When you enroll your camper in a Specialty Camp (Equestrian, Wakeboard/Waterski, or Paintball), your camper will receive guaranteed time in that specialty activity, waking up for our 0-period early breakfast before the other campers are at their activities.

With specialized instruction from our skilled teachers, your camper will learn new techniques and skills in that specialty camp activity. Specialty campers will resume their free-choice activities after their specialty periods, so they can still participate in the rest of camp’s amazing activities with their friends. They can absolutely still share a cabin with non-specialty campers as well.

1. Understand Your Goals

Is your child a beginner at horseback riding? Are they intermediate, with some experience in jumping English style? Would you like them to progress in their skills in a specific activity, and build confidence in their newfound skills? Would you like them to make new friends with similar interests? A specialty camp may be a perfect fit!

2. Explore Each Program

Now you’re ready to look into specifics. What type of progression does each program offer? How does the camp select their instructors? How much time will your camper receive out at that activity? What values are promoted within each camp? For example, with our Paintball specialty camp, campers will focus on teamwork, communication, and strategies to help them better understand themselves and their interactions with others. They even gain experience refereeing a match! In our Waterski/Wakeboard specialty camp, we recruit some of the best instructors from competitive collegiate teams around the world. These skilled instructors will be able to help your child progress in their skills, whether they’re a beginner or an expert!

3. Make the Decision

With all the information you’ll have gathered about your camper and your options, you should be well-equipped to choose your specialty with confidence. You’ll need to prioritize your child’s personal characteristics as well as their goals and assess how well the specialties you may be considering meet those needs. Still need help? Give our office a call, and we will be happy to give you more information!