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River Way Ranch Camp Program

Conditions for Enrollment and Terms of Agreement:

The parent or legal guardian of a minor participant, sometimes referred to as “you, your, I, or my” must complete this application, read and agree to these conditions for enrollment. As identified below, additional information and forms will be available in January, 2024, for your required review and completion. Review and completion of parent/guardian and camper forms and participation materials are required as a term and condition of enrollment.


All campers, parents/guardians, and relatives agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the camp for the health, safety, and welfare of the campers and staff within the camp community.

Payments, Cancellations, Refunds, Force Majeure:

Due to the fact that all camping programs are planned prior to the opening of camp, including purchasing camper supplies and equipment, preparation of facilities, and hiring of personnel based on confirmed camper reservations, final payment for full family balances for all sessions is due June 3rd, 2024. Our cancellation policy is as follows: no allowances, refunds, or rebates can or will be made for cancellations, late arrivals, non-arrivals, or early withdrawals occurring after March 15, 2024. Should a parent/guardian request a refund prior to March 15, 2024, River Way Ranch Camp kindly asks you to notify the camp office in writing via email. The parent/guardian may change a camper’s session at any time, pending availability in their desired session. Should a child’s enrollment change to a different session or program, the parent/guardian agrees to pay any difference in price resulting from this change. River Way Ranch Camp reserves the right to alter any aspect of the camp program, including itinerary, dates, activities or location for reasons including but not limited to weather, environment, health hazards, or for any other reason, River Way Ranch Camp determines, in its sole discretion, is appropriate (including a force majeure event described below). Absent application of the refund policy, above, we will not provide refunds for those choosing to cancel in the event of program alterations.

River Way Ranch Camp reserves the right to alter or cancel a program before or after its start date because of an act of God or other political, social, health, environmental or other conditions beyond its control (“force majeure”). Force majeure events include, without limitation: war or terrorism; civil unrest or emergency; economic collapse; governmental or other authorities’ laws, regulations or other actions, including restrictions on travel, floods, fire or other natural disasters; industrial or biological disasters; and health threats, including disease outbreaks, epidemics or pandemics, such as but not limited to the current or future, but unknown impact of COVID-19 on River Way Ranch Camp operations. If River Way Ranch Camp determines, in its sole discretion, it is unable to perform, in whole or in part, because of a force majeure, River Way Ranch Camp may alter, suspend or terminate its performance, and no refunds will be granted (unless otherwise determined, in River Way Ranch Camp’s sole discretion). In the event of a force majeure, you agree that River Way Ranch Camp will not be found in breach of these terms and/or legally liable to parent/camper for any losses, costs, or damages.
River Way Ranch Camp is not responsible for any indirect, incidental, consequential, or other damages, costs, or fees you may incur (including without limitation: locating substitute services, non-refundable airline tickets or change fees, equipment purchased for the program, and/or any other costs).

Camper Behavior and Code of Conduct

The camp reserves the right to dismiss any camper whose conduct or influence is harmful, illegal, or includes unsatisfactory behavior, at the discretion of the Camp Director, deemed detrimental to the camp and/or other campers. This includes, but is not limited to: sexual or inappropriate relationships, violence, teasing, bullying, taunting, discriminating comments, possession of weapons, drugs, alcohol, marijuana or tobacco in any form, contraband items including cell phones and Wi-Fi enabled devices, abusive or disrespectful behavior towards any member of the camp community, or unauthorized absences from the cabin or other activities. In such an event, there shall be no refund in any part of the camp fees, and parents/guardians are financially and otherwise responsible for any additional costs incurred to transport their camper(s) home. In this circumstance, parents/guardians agree to remove their child from the camp program within a maximum of 24 hours.


In order for all campers to fully adjust to camp life, campers will not be allowed to place or receive phone calls. Parents are welcome to phone the Camp Moms to check on your child’s progress. All cell phones, tablets, Apple Watches, video game consoles and other electronic and Wi-Fi enabled devices are strictly prohibited at camp. For the protection of all campers’ privacy, please do not send cell phones or these devices to camp. If a camper is arriving to or from camp via airline, phones are permitted for travel only. In this instance, their phone will be held and charged prior to their return flight. The camp will not take responsibility for lost cell phones or electronic devices.

Should both parents leave their residence for an extended period of time during the camp session, please notify the Camp Director, in advance, of your itinerary and where you can be contacted in case of an emergency.

Personal Property

River Way Ranch Camp is not responsible for articles of clothing or personal belongings lost or damaged by fire, theft, laundry, misplacement, etc. River Way Ranch Camp cannot be held responsible for articles of clothing, duffle bags, musical instruments, and any other personal items left behind at the charter bus/camp transportation locations. Please check the luggage tags carefully prior to removing luggage and placing it in your vehicle.

Liability, Medical Treatment and Consent

I understand and acknowledge that certain activities, whether or not listed in the camp brochures (including, but not limited to: horseback riding, water skiing, motorsports, paintball, sports, etc.) have an increased risk of injury or harm. I further acknowledge and state that I assume full responsibility for my camper’s safety and well-being while he/she is participating in such activities. I hereby agree to release, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Western Camps, Inc., River Way Ranch Camp, and all their shareholders, officers, employees, agents, and representatives whatsoever from any claims, costs, expenses (including attorney fees), and/or damages which any of them may sustain or incur from my child’s participation in such activities.

I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the camp to secure and administer treatment, including hospitalization for my child. I hereby authorize and give permission to the camp to provide, seek, and consent to routine health care, administration of prescribed medications, and emergency treatment for my child, as may be necessary, including, but not limited to x-rays, any medically necessary tests or diagnostics, all required medical treatment as recommended by a medical professional (whether routine or emergency) and/or any hospitalization. I also give permission for the camp to arrange related transportation. I agree to the release of any records necessary for treatment, referral, billing, or insurance purposes. I agree to pay all costs associated with any medical care and/or transportation and related expenses.

COVID-19 & Health

While we will use our best efforts to keep your child safe from the COVID-19 virus, utilizing the American Camp Association and Health Department guidelines, we want to make clear that we cannot promise or guarantee that this or any other pathogen will not enter camp, and that by the very nature of the personal interaction that takes place in the camp environment, there is always a risk of your child becoming ill with this or any other communicable disease. We want you to be fully aware of this risk in making the decision to send your child to camp this summer, and that you are willing to assume and accept the responsibility on your child’s behalf. In the event that a camper is sent home due to illness, including COVID-19, no refunds will be available. River Way Ranch Camp encourages parents to purchase Cancellation and Trip Insurance plans (not offered by River Way Ranch Camp or its affiliates) in the event that your camper becomes ill prior to the start of the program and cannot attend camp. Please see Parent Orientation Packet and the Camper Application for more trip insurance information.

A health examination form, completed by a physician, must be submitted by the due date as listed in these Terms and Conditions. Due to the active nature of our program, no child can be permitted to participate in the camp program without a completed health examination form, as well as a signed, completed Parent Authorization to Treat form. I, the undersigned, agree to notify the River Way Ranch Camp office if my child has been exposed to any communicable disease within 14 days prior to their arrival to camp.

Head Lice

Each camper will be examined for head lice upon arrival on the first day of each camp session. If nits or lice are present, the Camp Director will decide if the camper must return home. Camp is not responsible for the expense incurred for the transportation home of the camper. Campers may have the option of being treated at camp, depending on the severity of the case. Costs incurred for treatment are at the expense of the parents/guardians. We encourage you to check your child’s head for lice several times in the weeks and days leading up to camp to ensure that they are lice-free.

Forms Due Dates

Parent/Guardian agrees to submit all mandatory forms by the required due dates as follows:

Sessions 1, 1A, 2: May 1st, 2024

Sessions 3, 4, 4A, 4B: June 1st, 2024

Should a camper be enrolled after the required forms due dates, the parent/guardian agrees to submit the required forms within 7 days of application submission and prior to their child’s arrival.

Photo and Promotional Release

I authorize Western Camps Inc. and its designees to photograph, film, record and otherwise capture the name, image, voice, written or spoken statement, photograph and or/visual likeness of my child, (collectively, “images”) for use on the company websites, in any print or social media, for the purpose of advertising, promotion, sales, marketing of River Way Ranch Camp and Western Camps, Inc. and its current and future programs and events. I further consent that Western Camps, Inc. may use these images, statements, video, written or spoken statements for any informational or promotional purpose for River Way Ranch Camp, the American Camp Association, or the Western Association of Independent Camps, without compensation to me or my child. Western Camps, Inc. retains all ownership/copyright rights in the images and I waive any privacy, inspection, or approval rights.

Harassment Free

Western Camps, Inc. is committed to providing an environment free of harassment. Company policy prohibits sexual harassment and harassment based on race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical handicap, medical condition, marital status, age or any other basis protected by federal, state or local law. All such harassment is unlawful and a violation of company policy.

Right to Refuse Service

River Way Ranch Camp reserves the right to refuse service. River Way Ranch Camp reserves the right to modify its activities, programming, and operations as deemed necessary by its Directors with or without notice to parents/guardians.


The undersigned agrees to all Conditions for Enrollment and all guidelines as set forth in the Parent Orientation Packet for the River Way Ranch Camp program.