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The Staff Experience

River Way Ranch Camp recruits only the best and the brightest to be part of our counseling and management staff.

Applications are soon available for those age 18-years and older on the date the counselor begins working. We hire from the United States, Europe, Australia, Asia and elsewhere to provide a diversity that mirrors our campers, adding a unique cultural experience and perspective to our camp life. Counselors are chosen based on the expectations that they will be outstanding role models, mentors, and leaders.

A quality camp program has a staff that treats campers as if they were on their own, building a bond that lasts forever, and for 53 years our staff has been comprised of some of the finest individuals in the world.

Our goal is to have every member of the River Way staff depart with new and lasting friendships, new skills, and a lifetime of memories.

Questions should be directed to Employment@RiverWayRanchCamp.com or to 559-787-2551.


Available Positions

General Counselor & Activity Instructor

Use your leadership skills and be in charge of a bunk of, up to 8 children and paired with a co-counselor on the majority of occasions. If you’ve been placed to oversee the youngest children you will go with your cabin to activities as a group and run or help to run that activity. If you are assigned an older age group, you will be assigned to teach activities during the day, based upon your skillset. These activities will have many different children at them. Your bunk will be together during mornings and nights, mealtimes, evening programs, and weekends. As there are four main sessions throughout the summer, you can anticipate experiencing time in different age groups.

Specialist Positions

A great way to broaden your experience in a specific area while helping to give guidance to campers and counselors alike. As a Specialist you will teach or supervise one activity or area that you are already skilled in and in some cases have a certificate or schooling. This staff member is not a cabin counselor however, will likely help to cover a bunk when needed. Open positions for specialists include:

  • Arts & Crafts Specialist
  • Paintball Specialist
  • Waterski & Wakeboard Specialist
  • Equestrian Staff
  • Film School
  • Camp Videographer
  • Camp Photographer
  • Quality Assurance Specialist

Administrative Positions

  • Office Assistant
  • Nurses Aid
  • Scheduling Assistant

Leadership Team

In order to be selected as a Manager on our Leadership Team, you must have a minimum of two summers working at River Way as a counselor or specialist, or you must have had a minimum of one year of comparable leadership experience outside of River Way Ranch Camp. River Way Leadership Team positions include:

Division Leaders for Camper Age Groups:

  • Age 7-9
  • Age 10-12 Female
  • Age 10-12 Male
  • Age 13-15 Female
  • Age 13-15 Male

CIT (Counselor In Training) Director

  • Ages 16 & 17

Additional Available Positions

  • Camp Mom (Parent/Camper Liaison)
  • Infirmary Camp Mom
  • Outcamp Director
  • Ropes Course Director
  • Waterfront Director with WSI
  • Equestrian Director
  • Culinary Director
  • Scheduling Director
  • Special Events Director
  • LGI
  • Program Director
  • Staff Director
  • Associate Director
  • Assistant Camp Director
  • Camp Director

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