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Cabin Life

Looking for a summer camp that will provide your child with a “home away from home” feeling? River Way is it!

Our 1:4 staff to camper ratio allows us to provide a fun-filled summer with supervision and the well-being of your child being the number one priority. Campers get the traditional experience of a rustic camp while residing in a resort-style accommodation that is air-conditioned, with electricity, and privately enclosed indoor restrooms and showers. Each camper can unpack with their own closet space provided to really immerse themselves in the camp life.

A view of a room in a cabin with bunks.

Cabins are shared by campers of the same age or grade. With campers coming from around the world, cabin placement is a meticulous and well-thought-out process that allows us to take every camper’s needs and interests into account. Cabin life is their home away from home and we want diversity with a mix of similar interests to provide the ultimate camp family during their time at River Way.

True to the camp motto, campers will have the opportunity to create “memories and friendships to last a lifetime” while spending time with their counselors and cabin mates. Our supportive counselors look after their bunk, acting as a role model and “older sibling” figure, caring for campers’ needs as they navigate their journey at camp. Campers will be encouraged to tidy their living space daily, with cabins competing to win the top “Bunk Inspection” score for a treat party with their cabin!

Although not required, many campers like to come to camp with a friend. If you are interested in requesting a cabin mate for your child, you may submit a “Bunk Mate Request Form” once they have been enrolled. If your camper is coming on their own for the first time, our skilled team will assign them to a cabin with other first-time campers to provide the ultimate friendship-building experience!

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