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Staff & Counselors

Only the Very Best Become River Way Counselors

River Way prides itself on having one of the finest counseling and management teams in the nation. With a year-round staff recruiter, special effort is given to the hiring and training of quality individuals. In addition to carefully selected applicants attending a 1-3 day intensive, interview workshop, all contracted staff attend 7-13 days of specialized training, as our professional management team decides which individuals will actually serve as role models for your children.

Lifeguard training
Lifeguard training in a pool for the staff

CPR, First Aid, & Lifeguard Training

All staff members are required to have CPR and First Aid training. Waterfront staff members are required to have lifeguard and site-specific training as well. A ratio of one staff for every four campers gives each camper the individual attention and companionship necessary for a meaningful camp experience. All counselors are at least 18 years of age and have a year of college or equivalent experience.

Hiring & Training

More important than these numbers is the quality of our staff. When hiring, we look for young men and women who have proven success working with children as volunteers, mentors, tutors, and teachers. Selection favors staff with educational backgrounds and certifications in our core activities, full-time wranglers, waterski instructors, boat drivers, and Class B drivers.

Potential counselors must also demonstrate achievement in leadership situations. All counselors must have personal values which make them role models worth emulating for our campers.

A training session with the new hires.

During training, our staff are put through situations that demonstrate empathy, judgment, confidence, skill, and leadership abilities. River Way counselors must show proven evidence of maturity, confidence, enthusiasm, and a sense of humor. We work to ensure that each counselor understands his or her role and will know how to bring out the best in your child.

In addition to recruiting staff from reputable universities across the U.S., River Way partners with well-respected agencies including CCUSA (Camp Counselors USA) to recruit outstanding international staff. With staff members from the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, our International staff expands our campers’ global horizons and gives awareness to cultural diversities.

Camp Moms

Unique to River Way is our Camp Mom positions. River Way has a camp mom(s) who is available and acts as a liaison between parent and camper. We recognize the importance for parents to be informed and feel connected to their children while they are away. The Camp Moms are happy to answer any questions a parent may have while their camper is enjoying camp. The Camp Moms often become the most beloved members of staff for our campers.

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