A camper being examined in the health center.

Health & Wellness

At River Way Ranch Camp, prevention is always the first step to a fun, healthy summer, and this begins with our team during staff training.

All of our counselors are trained in CPR/First-Aid/AED/Epi-Pen administration through the American Red Cross, and the majority of our counselors are Lifeguard certified as well. Counselors run activities following established safety protocols and rules, and they are trained to react in case of an injury.

Counselors also consistently check on cuts, scrapes, blisters, and bug bites, and bring campers to our medical team for additional checks if needed. Counselors ensure campers are practicing good hygiene with plenty of hand washing, teeth brushing, sunscreen application, and much more.

A camper getting a bandaid put on his knee.

Our health center is well-stocked with medical equipment and over-the-counter medications to care for any campers who do not feel well. In addition to nurses and nursing assistants, we have an on-site physician who resides on the property at all times and does daily wellness check-ins with any campers who may need additional care. Our RN dispenses all prescription and over-the-counter medications. If your child takes daily medication or supplements, we will have you complete a medication administration form, which you will send to camp along with the medication in its original prescription packaging. We also require all families to complete a health information form, which our medical team reviews prior to the camper’s arrival.

Parents will be notified by one of our Parent Liaisons if a camper needs to spend a night in the Health Center. An on-site fire department offers additional medical support staff and first responders available at a moment’s notice if needed.

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