Counselors in training hiking through a mountain trail.

Counselor in Training: Ages 15–17

Do you want to be a part of one of the best overnight summer camps in California? Would you like to be a positive influence in the lives of children? Are you interested in helping us make the most memorable camp experience possible?

Over the years, River Way Ranch Camp’s CIT program has garnered a reputation for excellence due to its comprehensive approach to personal and professional development. Our program, similar to the training our counselors undergo, equips your teen not only to work effectively with younger children but also nurtures the development of leadership, organizational, and teaching skills. Participation in our CIT program provides not only an enriching educational experience but also an opportunity for your teen to form lifelong friendships and networking connections. This experience can be included as community service hours on college applications, adding another dimension to their extracurricular achievements.

CITs dressed up in costumes
CITs dressed up in hawaiian print shirts

CIT Benefits:

  1.  Leadership Training with Strategic Planning 
  2.  Personal Growth with Independence & Responsibility
  3.  Certification – American Red Cross CPR / First Aid (Upon successful completion)
  4.  Community Service Hours (Upon successful completion)
  5.  Performance Evaluation & Recommendation Letter, if applicable for college and/or future jobs (Upon successful completion)

Submitting an application is not a guarantee of acceptance into the program. Accepted CIT’s will receive contracts confirming admission.


  • With your CIT application, a minimum deposit of $500 is required.
  • CIT Program Age: 16 years old or entering the 11th grade.

*Please make sure you understand the requirements for eligibility into the program.