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FAQs | River Way Ranch Camp

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Is River Way Ranch Camp an accredited camp?

Yes, River Way is an accredited member of the American Camping Association (ACA) as well as a member of the Western Association of Independent Camps (WAIC). Every five years River Way is evaluated by an ACA accreditation committee and has maintained its outstanding reputation as “one of the premier camps in the United States”, consistently receiving scores of 99-100%.

What happens if my child gets sick or is on medication?

To ensure the highest standards of health and safety, a licensed Doctor and Registered Nurse live on the premises and will remain on duty at all times. An onsite fire department offers additional first response medical support staff.

If your camper takes daily medication, our infirmary staff will administer and log medications on an individual basis. For our campers’ safety, medication is stored in the infirmary at all times.

What is your staff training?

All California applicants are required to attend a one to three day onsite workshop/interview prior to hiring. Our International counselors are either interviewed via Skype or in person at various International hiring fairs. All applicants are hired with the final say coming from an owner or director. Counselors are then put through a rigorous multi-week staff training where they learn and enhance their skills in behavior modification, role-playing, team building, goal setting, Lifeguard/First-Aid/CPR, and much more. In addition, many of our staff are returning members and come with a wealth of knowledge. Most of our staff members are in the education/ childcare studies at various Colleges and Universities.

What is your camper to counselor ratio?

River Way averages a camper to counselor ratio of 4:1. This is not guaranteed in all cabins.