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Hello From the Staff

Posted by June 18, 2011

With camp less than 24 hours away from starting, the 2011 staff wanted to officially introduce themselves to you!

2011 Staff!


This summer we have a great group of staff counting down the minutes for your arrival!!

2011 International Staff!

TC Staff!

1st Year Staff!


Welcome to our NEW staff!

3rd Year Staff!

Congratulations to our 3rd Year Staff!

5 Year Staff!

Congratulations to our 5 Year Staff!

10 Year Staff!

The Rock- Senior Boys Division Leader

Waverunner Staff!


Ski Lake Staff! 

The 2011 Triathlete Team!

We are ALL Looking forward to seeing all of our session 1 campers tomorrow and the rest of our campers in the weeks to come!

Let’s all get ready for the Memories and Friendships to Last a Lifetime!