Horse Riding Summer Camps – Lessons and Trail Rides for Every Level

View of a horse's legs at sunrise.
Summer camp

December 11, 2019

Horse Riding Summer Camps – Lessons and Trail Rides for Every Level

Aaron Munoz

Children are looking for new experiences that come with enough challenge to create long lasting memories. Our horse riding program is such a special place to build skill for any level of rider. It’s true that we operate a summer camp program that features more than 70 exciting arts, sports, and adventure activities; yet our equestrian program is so excellent and comprehensive that many campers spend the majority of their time at the stables!

Program Goals

Our goal is to improve the riding skills of each participant and have FUN while achieving personal growth in the process. Beginner through advanced riders are welcomed. Campers are matched with horses that are best suited for their abilities.  Experienced staff lead and teach each of our classes while providing a supportive, encouraging atmosphere.

Riding Lessons & Trail Rides

Whether you have always dreamed of riding a horse or have ridden your whole life, attending an overnight youth & teen summer camp with such a well-established horseback riding program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! We give campers the choice to ride either English Style or Western Style, which allows them flexibility and potential to their skill development. There really is nothing like the joy of sitting atop such a strong and powerful animal, and learning to work as a team to accomplish your goals! Once campers are comfortable with the horses in and around the barn, they’ll have the opportunity to go out for a trail ride through the fields and forest – a perfect activity for a pleasantly warm summer day!

Our Experienced Instructors

Our program is run by award-winning instructors and stables staff. Each summer, our team looks forward to working with campers and improving their confidence, knowledge, and experience around horses as well as their riding skills. Our instructors are knowledgeable and kind, and many of them have studied Equine Science or grown up riding and training horses. One of our instructors from last summer was named Equestrian of the Year for her dedication and achievements in English riding and jumping. Our team has an effective, time-honed teaching style and knows how to bring out the best in riders and horses alike. Our horses are with us year-round, so instructors know their temperaments and best riding uses.

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