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Wonder Valleys Employee of the Year! – River Way Ranch Camp

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Wonder Valleys Employee of the Year!

Posted by December 19, 2012

Western Camps Inc., the parent company of River Way Ranch Camp and Wonder Valley Family Camp, along with its employees, are VERY pleased to announce the Employee of the Year, Ms. Hayley Botwin!  Congratulations Sparkle!

That’s right, your new Co-Director Sparkle was honored as the Employee of the Year, as well as the Employee of the Fourth Quarter, at the annual holiday party as 65+ of her co-workers cheered her on.

Sparkle’s devotion to camp life, her strong work ethic, and her bright and sunny disposition are only a few examples of what make her the natural choice for this honor.  She is an asset to the entire organization.

Let Sparkle know you’ve heard the good news, and pass along your congratulations to her.


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