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Application & Forms

Application & Forms


Want to join the River Way Family this summer? Every River Way staff member goes through an extensive hiring process, helping us to select the most diverse and qualified staff possible. Any applicants applying from outside the state of California are required to have a minimum of two interviews. If you are applying within the state of California, a phone interview will be conducted followed by a one to three day on-site hiring workshop.

Applications for our 2019 season are now available. Scroll down to apply now!



Each River Way applicant is required to have at least three references before receiving an interview, and may submit a video of three minutes or less to bolster their candidacy. All applicants outside of California are encouraged to submit a video. This video should be posted on YouTube as an UNLISTED video, meaning only the people who are sent the link can view the video. CLICK HERE to learn how to make your video unlisted.

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