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Staff Profiles – River Way Ranch Camp

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Staff Profiles

Staff Profiles





Meet the staff for the 2018 camp season!

Check back often as we add more and more friendly faces.




Auberry (Full Time)
 Administrative Assistant
Hometown: Sanger, CA
Years at camp: 1st Year!
Interests: Photography, Outdoors, Hiking, Baking, Spending Time with my family
Little known Fact: I am so clean and tidy I have an eye for noticing when something has been moved ever so slightly.




Derby (Full Time)

Position: Assistant Director
Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA
Years at camp: 4th year!
Interests: I love cooking and trying new recipes, hiking, swimming, water polo, and searching through tide pools!
Little known Fact: I can say “I love you” in 10 different languages


Nani (Full Time)

Position: Ranchero Girls Division Leader
Hometown: Des Moines, IA
Years at camp: 4th year!
Interests: Movies (most), Ceramics, Dancing, Playing the Ukulele, Photography, Photoshop, & Almost all types of music (just not country)
Little known Fact: I am terrified of cotton balls, they gross me out.


Slopoke (Full Time)

Position: Staff Recruitment Director
Hometown: Wonder Valley, California
Years at camp: 11th year on staff, 15 years as a camper!
Interests: I love being a ropes challenge course practitioner, graphic and floor plan design, working with kids, BBQ-ing, nature, and singing.
Little known Fact: I have copy-written albums of my original music, and aired on local radio stations.


Sparky (Full Time)

Position: Camp Director
Hometown: Fresno, California
Years at camp: 10 years as a camper, 15 years on staff!
Interests: Being a mom is the best! Spending time at the lake is a close second 🙂
Little known Fact: I named my first daughter after a contestant on The Bachelor.


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