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Meet the Directors | River Way Ranch Camp

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Meet the Directors

Meet the Directors


Meet the Founder: Stan Oken, Coach

As an educator and continued owner of River Way Ranch Camp, Coach, has devoted his life to ensuring every child experiences all that summer camp has to offer. The Oken family has owned and operated River Way Ranch Camp since 1967. With over 100 years combined experience, the Oken family continues to provide a stable, fun, and educational summer adventure for children. Recipient of the California Family Business Award in 2000 and 2008, River Way has also been featured on the “Today” show. The Oken family, along with year-round staff, devotes the entire year to the planning and organization of the upcoming summer.

Nancy Oken-Redfield, Munchkin

Vice President, Camps

Nancy, daughter of Stan, grew up at River Way and after many years as a camp counselor, CIT Director, and Program Director, she assumed the role as the Executive Camp Director and VP of Camps. For the next 26 years, Munchkin mentored and developed outstanding leadership teams. Through her knowledge and guidance the counselors, as well as the leadership team, learn to be outstanding role models and teachers ensuring our campers one of the most exciting and fun summers of their lifetime. As a high school teacher and coach, Munchkin’s expertise is teaching for success and our campers benefit as they increase self-esteem and confidence through our many activities.

Ashley Crother-Oken, Derby

Camp Director

Born and raised in San Luis Obispo, Derby relocated to Fresno in 2009 and studied Communication at Fresno State. She has since continued her education through the Western Association of Independent Camps, as well as the American Camp Association. Derby officially joined the River Way team as a Camp Mom and worked as our Assistant Director for several summers, helping her to become  well aware of what our campers expect and deserve. Her experience in camp has proven to be an asset as she continues to run the program with the outstanding quality our parents and campers are accustomed to.


Lacey Oken, Slopoke

Staff Recruitment Director

Slopoke, Lacey was born and raised in camp. Also part of the third generation, she has held several positions within the company. With her experience working for our resort and our camp, she has gained a passion for working with people of all ages. Her past experiences have made her well suited to be our Staff Recruiter.





Michael Berlin, Brooklyn

Associate Director

After working many years as a Psychologist, Screenwriter, 12 years of being a family camper and 6 years of writing and producing over 50 camp films, it was time to move on. Brooklyn became our Associate Camp Director where he has been for the past 3 years. Brooklyn has served as an excellent support for campers and staff alike.