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Dates & Tuition

Dates & Tuition

Welcome to Summer 2020!


2-Week Camp Sessions

Our recommended, and most popular, program is a 2-week session. We highly recommend our campers attend for at least 2 weeks as it takes some time to adjust to camp life, and the additional time truly allows the kids to immerse themselves in the camp experience and create deep, meaningful camp friendships. Our 2-week session also allows the campers to go back and experience their favorite activities and experiences again and again while developing new skills.

1-Week Camp Sessions

Our 1-week sessions are a great option for those much younger campers who have never experienced an overnight summer camp before. Our 1-week campers stay in 1-week cabins and have a custom schedule that ensures they experience the same exciting, innovative, and unforgettable summer camp activities as our 2-week campers.*

SessionDatesRegular TuitionAVAILABILITY
Session 3
(2 weeks)
Session 4
(2 weeks)
Horse Specialty CampMay participate in specialty camp with any two-week session available+$250 over advertised tuitionLIMITED AVAILABILITY
Paintball Specialty CampMay participate in specialty camp with any two-week session available+$250 over advertised tuitionLIMITED AVAILABILITY


2+ Week Sessions

Returning campers love our multi-week options! Pick two or more sessions to build a custom 3-week, 4-week, or even an 8-week summer camp! Our 2+ week sessions give campers ample time to develop new skills, achieve personal independence and build solid, long-lasting friendships.

Specialty Camp Programs

Our specialty camp programs give campers designated morning time to enjoy their favorite activities multiple times a week.While a camper in our 2-week session still has the opportunity to try out specialty activities such as paintball, wakeboarding, or horseback riding, our specialty camp program ensures up to eight “skill-development sessions” for those campers really passionate and enthusiastic about horseback riding, water skiing/wakeboarding, and/or paintball, giving them guaranteed time at those activities with our highly skilled instructors.

CIT Program

Our Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program is a progressive 4-week program (for just a little more than the price of 2-weeks) that offers leadership development, team building, and child care experiences. For those campers who are looking to take on more responsibility, our CITs become the assistant counselors in the cabins, helping our staff organize campers, help solve interpersonal issues, and ensure campers have a fun and safe summer experience.

*Please note, for the benefit of all campers, we are not able to accommodate bunkmate requests between a 1-week and 2-week camper. Campers can still match their activity schedules, however!

**A $500 deposit, per camper, per session is due upon submission of application. Full Refunds available through June 1, 2020. Families may switch sessions at any time, pending session availability and keep applicable discounts secured at the time of enrollment. Family balance must be paid in full by June 1, 2020.

***$1000 deposit required along with completed CIT prerequisites.