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During Camp

During Camp


River Way believes in the unplugged approach to summer camps. Because of this, wi-fi and cellular enabled devices are not allowed during your campers stay at camp. If you have questions about how your camper’s stay at River Way is going, our Camp Mom’s are available to act as the liaison between you and your camper. We have found that the unplugged approach provides a higher quality camping experience by allowing your camper to build strong social connections and experience new challenges and activities. Photographs of campers are uploaded several times throughout the course of the day and can be accessed via your CampInTouch account. CampInTouch also allows you to one-way email your camper for expedited messaging. Email messages are printed several times per day and distributed before 6 pm. Due to the increased enrollment over the last couple of years, we no longer accept care packages. If your camper is celebrating their birthday with us, special delivery of birthday packages can be arranged with our Camp Moms.


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