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Wings For Life World Run 2014 | River Way Ranch Camp

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Wings For Life World Run 2014

Posted by May 20, 2014

While most of California was sleeping, some of our River Way staff members were up and helping to raise money for spinal cord injury research! On Sunday May 5th counselors Splash, Binx, and Scotia participated in the Red Bull Wing’s For Life world run. This run was a global run with over 35,000 participants in dozens of countries all starting at the exact same time in order to show united and global support for this great cause. The races in California started at 3 am pacific time so our counselors were literally chasing the sun for this great cause.

worldrun WFL-WorldRun-landscape Wings for Life World Run 2014

Splash, Binx, and Scotia ran a combined 10 kilometer run (about 6.2 miles) and helped raise money for this amazing event. The Red Bull Wing’s For Life 2014 global run raised approximately 3 million euros (approximately 4.2 million dollars!). We are so proud of our wonderful and giving staff for their participation in this global event!