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Volleyball Game | River Way Ranch Camp

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Volleyball Game

Posted by October 04, 2012

Recently, Cheerio and Granny traveled to Sunnyside High School in Fresno to watch their camper, Bailey Leal play in her first varsity volleyball game for her high school.  Bailey made the varsity team as a freshmen and did an incredible job in her first game.

Cheerio said there was no way she was going to miss this game.  “I had been missing my girls since they left and since Bailey’s game was in Fresno, I just had to go!”  Granny was most excited about watching her former camper play and getting to reconnect with her after the game.  Bailey was excited to see her counselors come and said “the fact that they came to my high school volleyball game just proves that the friendships and relationships you create at River Way go beyond just the summer.  What a great way to kick off my season!”