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UK to California!

Posted by May 01, 2014

Every year, our former CIT Director Bails sets aside some vacation time to visit campers and counselors, and this April covered nearly 1,500 miles in two weeks travelling across California. Along the way, Bails stopped off in San Francisco, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, and even Fresno to visit with some past and present River Way staff members. Bails’ trip ended on a high note when he visited four year River Way camper Anakin Peace over the Easter weekend.


As Anakin’s very first counselor at River Way, Bails and him have remained very close making the visit all the more exciting for both of them. Bails and Anakin spent the day flying gliders off the Pacific Coast Highway, one of Anakin’s favorite hobbies. They also met with returning counselor Pepper and the trio went to the Santa Monica Pier for lunch and then did some Geo-Caching on foot in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles. Both Bails and Anakin really enjoyed their time together and Bail’s trip turned out to be the highlight of his year. He can’t wait for his next trip to California and we all can’t wait to see him again really soon!