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Tyler aka Tank Update | River Way Ranch Camp

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Tyler aka Tank Update

Posted by December 05, 2010

Because YOU all miss your Director’s adorable son, Tyler, we wanted to send you an update to share with you what he has been up to!
Tyler joined Mom and Dad in Pismo, Beach for the WAIC Conference last weekend. He enjoyed himself rocking out to magic at the San Luis Obispo museum. Thanks to all the River Way counselors and meal time play lists, he has memorized all of our summertime music. The weekend kept on getting better for Tyler, and he had a smile ear to ear while flying his shark kite on the beach, on the most perfect kite flying day. Tyler’s kite was the tallest kite in the sky, far above Tootsie’s and Sparkle’s. After a fun weekend, Mahoney and Baby G took Tyler to Disneyland, to the second “happiest place on earth” — after River Way of course :).