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The Hawker Family Goes to Paris | River Way Ranch Camp

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The Hawker Family Goes to Paris

Posted by December 21, 2011

Recently, Geoff and Lisa Hawker from Family Camp, traveled to France for a quick European Break.  

Dilly, their family counselor is in her third year studying French at the University of Leeds in England, and is currently on a Year Abroad, teaching high school kids English and living in Aix les Bains, a small spa town in the Alps.

Dilly took the TGV across France to meet up with Geoff and Lisa for the day in Paris.  After a few problems navigating the French subway system, they met for lunch in a Parisien cafe, and both Geoff and Lisa wowed with their newly obtained French skills.  

They then spent the day wandering around the Pompidou Centre looking at art and the incredible view over Paris.  

Although they spent only 6 hours together, it was amazing to meet up, catch up and reminisce about Wonder Valley Family Camp.