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The Great Barrier Reef | River Way Ranch Camp

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The Great Barrier Reef

Posted by March 08, 2012

Recently, Choco spent the weekend in Cairns, Australia and went scuba diving at The Great Barrier Reef.  This Reef is the largest in the world and is considered one of Ten Natural Wonders of the World.  He learned basic diving strategies and how the scuba gear worked.

The first thing he saw was thousands of tiny jellyfish!  He says, “ we saw so many fish of amazing colors, I didn’t know colors like that existed.”  There were fish that would glow neon blue like lights, pink fish, yellow fish, rainbow fish that would shimmer and change colors as they passed you, purple fish, fish that looked like rocks, fish that looked like parrots, fish that looked like lions, and lime green fish.  The size of the fish varied from being as big as Choco to as small as a fingernail.  He also saw sharks and turtles!

Choco says he came out of the water with the biggest smile on his face.  He spent the rest of the day snorkeling around the beach chasing turtles and other small fish.  He is now planning on getting his Dive Masters Certification as well as making a return trip soon!