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Teeny Visits Her LA Campers! | River Way Ranch Camp

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Teeny Visits Her LA Campers!

Posted by October 30, 2012


One of our most popular counselors Teeny, traveled down to Los Angeles to visit with some of her campers! On Saturday she spent the afternoon in Beverley Hills eating frozen yogurt and laughing with her senior campers Ivy Bragin, Olivia McDowell and Casey Longstreet. It was a great afternoon of sharing memories and looking back on an amazing summer!

On Sunday she surprised one of her buckaroos, Cooper Klein, for her birthday! They shared lunch at the Ivy in Santa Monica where Teeny presented her with a special birthday gift and shared a big dessert!

“I had a fun time getting to see my campers and catching up with them last weekend. Seeing them outside of camp was neat and I hope I get to catch up with more campers throughout the year!”