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Suzie Rosenberg welcomes Summie in Los Angeles! | River Way Ranch Camp

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Suzie Rosenberg welcomes Summie in Los Angeles!

Posted by January 22, 2013

One of River Way’s finest, English counselor Summie, recently had the good
pleasure of spending the day in LA with one of her past Campers, Suzie

It was a girls afternoon in Westwood Village of shopping, laughing, eating,
and reminiscing about fun times had in Bunk 138 during Session 3 of last

One shop they visited had a massive ‘One Direction’ section, a favorite band
for both of them, so they were there for a long time.  They were also able
to squeeze in a tour through UCLA that included a photo op with the famous
UCLA Bruin mascot.

Later in the afternoon, Suzie was excited to share her favorite candy store,
“Rock Fizz”, with Summie.  They enjoyed some English chocolate from the
international section, but when Suzie wanted Summie to try the bacon
flavored soda, Summie didn’t think it sounded very appetizing.

If you would like to arrange for a counselor to come visit, please email us at Hayley@RiverWayRanchCamp.com