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Sugar's Semester in Barcelona | River Way Ranch Camp

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Sugar’s Semester in Barcelona

Posted by January 16, 2011

Shortly after River Way came to a close, Sugar headed to Barcelona, Spain for a semester abroad. She traveled throughout Europe, visiting many cities in Spain, Italy, and Great Britain. She stayed with a host family and was able to practice her Spanish every day. In what seemed like a blink of an eye, Sugar visited 9 countries over the four months she was abroad. She was able to catch up with Deuce and Bravo and now shares many memorable travel experiences with them both. Bravo showed Sugar and Deuce around the city, and the Dueso Family (Family Camp Alum 2008) hosted a lovely dinner for the River Way crew and took them to Barcelona’s biggest festival! Sugar is back in the states, and is finishing her Junior year at Illinois Wesleyan University.Welcome Home Sugar!