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Posted by April 02, 2013


L-E-T-S G-O! LETS GO! Football, Baseball, Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Basketball, or whatever your sport is; wear your favorite team jersey or dress like your favorite player. Be ready to play and try new sports, and tune in to the local sports coverage here from RWSPN!

Paparazzi. VIP. Dress up as your favorite celebrity or character from a TV show or movie. Strut your stuff at the dance on the red carpet, and give your best impression of your favorite celebrity or character!

Grab your cowboy boots and boot scoot your way to the dance floor. Wrangle up your hat, plaid, denim and spurs and come on down to Stagecoach, where the folks are friendly and the tea is sweet!



 Party in the USA! Celebrate 4th of July in Red, White and Blue! Let’s celebrate America’s 237th birthday in patriotic colors!


 Join us on this magical night for River Way Prom! Dress to impress in your best evening attire! Boys will be looking dapper in their suit and tie. The Girls will be stunning shining like diamonds.. Make sure you swing by the photo booth to capture your Prom experience!


 Where are you from? Where do you want to travel? Dress up in the colors of your favorite country or support your homeland! Bring flags, a jersey or souvenirs to represent your country of choice.



 River Way is going back in time. Throw back your style in 80’s neon or 90’s grunge, or your favorite decade of the past. Make sure to raid your parents closet for some good throw back swag.


 Transform yourself into a Knight of the Round Table, or a Wizard from Hogwarts. Become any character from your imagination or even your favorite fictional character! Experience a day where “Once Upon a Time” comes to life and when werewolves and vampires are real!



 Fireman, Policeman, Pop Star, Actress, who do you dream one day becoming. Dress up as your number one role model or who you want to be when you grow up. Maybe an Astronaut like Neil Armstrong or a NBA Player like Michael Jordan, the possibilities are endless!



Welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth. Dress as your favorite Disney character as River Way transforms into Disneyland for the day and where imagination is the destination