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Spike Becomes Director | River Way Ranch Camp

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Spike Becomes Director

Posted by April 24, 2012

Community Action Volunteer in Education (CAVE), is a student led, non-profit organization, the biggest West of the Mississippi. This is an organization were we manage over 15 programs and facilitate over 2000 volunteers, and provide over 60,000 plus hours of community service annually.

 My Involvement began after my first year at college and summer at River Way Ranch Camp, as I came out a more outgoing, adventure seeker, confident and driven individual (Thank you River Way). I had a lot of spare time, and a friend encouraged me to try out this program, CAVE…so I did.

My duties and responsibilities grew each year and when I became a Junior I was accepted to be the Coordinator for the Golden Gate program were I now supervise and train the next generation of Group Leaders.

 When I found out the Director (highest position a student can obtain) applications were going to be available for the next upcoming year as some of the current Directors were graduating, I finally felt ready, more motivated, and driven to take the next step, and become a part of the team of Student Directors, that help run, organize, develop, improve, and make CAVE the prestigious non-profit organization that it is.

I filled out the application, went through an intense interview with the current Directors (6), HR Director, Project Managers (2), 9 people total asking me questions why I think I am the best qualified to be a Director, not going to lie…I was a little nervous.

I am flattered and proud to say, that I received an exciting call from Ann Schwab (Project manager/ Mayor of Chico) offering me the position of Director of the Weekend Immersion Programs for 2012-2013, I immediately and honorably accepted!

Way to go Spike – we are very proud!!