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Sleepaway Summer:Positive Effects of Summer Camp on Kids | River Way Ranch Camp

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Sleepaway Summer:Positive Effects of Summer Camp on Kids

Posted by April 11, 2014

Summer is quickly approaching and parents will consider enrolling their kids in summer camp while they are at work. Many would consider going to summer camp a quintessential experience of the American child, but this is not the only reason you should consider enrolling your child. Summer camp has a wide array of benefits for your child, not only for keeping them active, but also boosting their confidence. The first positive effect summer camp has on your child is being able to master certain skills. Many camps offer the chance for kids to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily get to do in everyday life including water skiing, horseback riding, and archery.  On top of that, kids get to develop a sense of independence. Learning to step away from home is critical step to becoming an independent adult and allows them the opportunity to test themselves in a new and challenging environment. Even more importantly, summer camp allows kids the chance to boost their self-esteem. At camp, kids will be a part of a community and get the chance to live with a bunch of their peers. This will give them the chance to make new friends and step out of their comfort zone. Parents have also reported that the camp experience helped their child in many areas, including: feeling good about themselves, gaining adventurousness and the willingness to try new things, and to develop leadership skills. To learn more about how summer camps for kids and teens benefits, read our infographic with more on this below:

Sleepaway Summer

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