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Shy Children

Posted by January 28, 2015

Shy Children – Helping Kids Break Out of Their Shell

As your children grow up, you want them to be able to grow into their own skin and explore the world around them so that they can become well-rounded individuals. However, this can sometimes be tough, because children will naturally shy away from new situations that they find uncomfortable. What can you do to help your son or daughter break out of his or her shell? Taking a few tips into account will help you learn more about your child’s shyness so that you can relate and help foster positive development.

  • Giving positive reinforcement helps your child manage emotions and negotiate new social scenarios.
  • Empathizing with your child’s worries helps them know they won’t face negative judgment.
  • Being a role model for behavior in new situations, such as being friendly and helping around the house, will help your child emulate that behavior in the real world

Teaching your child about etiquette and helping them meet new friends will help your son or daughter break out of their shell and feel more comfortable when facing something new.

Shy Children

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