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Searching For UK Staff Members! | River Way Ranch Camp

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Searching For UK Staff Members!

Posted by January 21, 2014

Mahoney and Squirrlee are currently enjoying tea and crumpets as they search far and wide for the best summer staff that the UK has to offer. Mahoney, aka Jerry Reid, is our COO of River Way Ranch Camp and Squirrlee, aka Jason Rich, is our Human Resources Director. The UK has provided River Way with some of our best counselors in years past and we are excited to see what this year will bring. With the help of Fox (2013 Co-Director who currently lives in the UK) and other counselors who live in the UK, Squirrlee and Mahoney will be attending camp fairs where counselors come and seek to be hired for an American summer camp experience.
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Also, later this month Sparkle and Little will be departing for Australia where the search will continue for awesome summer staff. Stay tuned for updates! We will travel to every corner of the earth if we have to! River Way campers only get the best River Way staff!