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River Way Staff – We Are Thankful For You! | River Way Ranch Camp

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River Way Staff – We Are Thankful For You!

Posted by November 27, 2014


When all the dust settles and the Atlantis is deflated, it is YOU that makes River Way the special place that it is.

You get painted head to toe as frequently as you take a shower.

You painfully let your campers beat you at Paintball, all the time.

You pretend that the Atlantis is a war zone and only the strongest survive. You never survive.

You blob like there is no tomorrow, ensuring everyone gets their turn. 

You spend free periods making your bunk friendship bracelets at Arts & Crafts, instead of Skyping or Facebooking.

You practice practice practice for Mock Rock, and then you practice some more.

You make a fool of yourself just to make a camper smile. It is about as normal as eating and sleeping.

You return to camp from a day off early, just to see your bunk perform at Talent Show.

Best of all, you love unconditionally and make sure that River Way is a place where memories and lasting friendships can be made. For that, we are thankful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving from the entire camp office to you!