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New York, NEW YORK

Posted by October 25, 2010

What up River Way!?

So it has been just over two months since camp ended, and I feel like I haven’t stopped moving this entire time. Number one, I want to say thank you to each and every camper who has taken the time to call, text and email. I miss you all so much and I absolutely love to hear from each and every one of you. Now, while the first thirty days were spent sitting at Jeff and Kelly Singer’s kitchen table, searching forjobs, protecting Emily from teenage boys, and watching episodes of Nickelodeons”Victorious” with Sophie and Riley, I have actually taken a very big step in my life and over the last thirty days I have tied up all loose ends in California and moved back out to New York City. While the snow hasn’t started to fall yet, it is starting to get chilly outside and I know the real cold is just around the corner. I guess there will be no more tank tops and boardshorts in my future any time soon.

I miss you all so very much and I hope you all remember what a wonderful time we had last summer, and how excited you should all be for the next one. If you are ever in New York, look me up and since it is just a week away, I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween. I will be dressed up as a scary circus clown, pretty exctied.Hopefully some of you can reply to this post and let all of us know what you will be wearing.


High Fives and Hugs,