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MOvember 2015 | River Way Ranch Camp

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MOvember 2015

Posted by November 06, 2015

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With the arrival of November comes the season of falling leaves, stuffed turkeys, and a sudden surge of mustaches. That’s right, MOvember has arrived and River Way is proud to be participating in this tradition once again.

Founded in 2003, MOvember is a charitable organization with the mission of raising awareness on men’s health issues.  MOvember encourages its participants to get the conversation rolling on men’s health by pledging to grow a mustache throughout the month of November. Recently, MOvember has grown its outreach through the addition of it’s MOVE challenge, where participants pledge to get out and get active all thirty days of November.  This year, River Way staff are rallying together to get growing, get moving, and get the conversation going on Men’s health and we need your help!

Whether you want to grow with us, move with us, or just donate to the cause, River Way needs your help! Check out our team page at https://au.movember.com/search/?q=river-way-mobros-2015 to keep track of River Way’s progress. Your participation and/or donations are greatly appreciated as we try to raise awareness for men’s health issues.

At River Way, we strive be not just a premier summer camp, but also an active and giving member of the community. MOvember is an organization we are proud to have partnered with for the past 5 years. Join us as we grow and move our way to a healthier future.