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Minnie Volunteers in Sacramento | River Way Ranch Camp

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Minnie Volunteers in Sacramento

Posted by October 09, 2012

Last weekend, Minnie spent the day volunteering at the Tourism Cares, Sacramento volunteer day in Old Town Sacramento.

Tourism Cares is a charity company that travels around the country to beautify tourist attractions making them more appealing to tourists. Over 200 people spent the day volunteering and saved the local community over $32,000 in labor costs!   Minnie helped construct wooden trash can containers, wooden planter boxes, tore down and put up fences, and repainted an entire school house.  While she was there, she ran into Atreides who was working on a landscaping project at a local cemetery.

Minnie said “It was great to volunteer my time in a town so close to home, and once again, camp happens in the smallest of places!”