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Memories from Film School 2012! | River Way Ranch Camp

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Memories from Film School 2012!

Posted by January 01, 2013

For many years now Film School has become one of our most enjoyed activities at River Way Ranch Camp. Our campers get the opportunity to write, direct, produce, edit and act as they embrace the exciting world of film making!

Lead by our Film School Director Brooklyn, and his assistant Dunk, the program has grown and developed over the last few years into one of our most popular programs. Campers who participate not only learn valuable technical skills, but also important life skills such leading a group of their peers, and effective communication. 

The most exciting moment of the session for our Film School campers is at the closing night ceremonies, where all their hard work is presented to the entire camp for all to enjoy!

Brooklyn and Dunk have kindly put together this slideshow with memories of laughter and fun from the summer of 2012. Enjoy!

To watch movies produced by film school Click HERE.