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Maui Goes to Melbourne!

Posted by February 21, 2012

Hi everyone! This is a little tale of my Melbourne adventures over the last four months! While waiting for my new work VISA, I decided to embark on a new adventure to Melbourne Australia! I walked into a job for a tourism company….. Called MAUI!! MAUI Campervans!! Was a great time, helping customers have wonderful campervan adventures through out Australia! This was to pay the bills, my true career and passion is working for River Way Ranch Camp!!

I have had a lot of fun living over here and have had a lot of chances to meet up with counsellors from the past! So far I’ve seen JD, Strider, Neo, Flimsy, Splat, Girt, Elmo and Percy! Also got to see Jukebox on a short visit home to New Zealand, and caught up with Sparkle and Squirrlee on their hiring trip to Melbourne! We got some amazing new staff here, and have recently got together with all the new hires, and get excited because these guys are girls are gonna be amazing!!!


I had the privilege of going to a couple of days of the Australian Tennis Open which was amazing, got to see some amazing tennis pros in action! Have been to the Tropfest Australian Short Film Festival, and have spent the rest of my time exploring the cities Museums, dining out (Great food!!!), and catching up with old friends from New Zealand and friends from my Whistler adventures. I am just finishing up at work over the next few week, selling belongings I have acquired before heading home to Christchurch for a week! I will visit with my New Zealand mates, flying down to Invercargill, New Zealands Southern most (and rainy) city to visit my 89 year old nanna and relatives there. Then I’m off to a WILD FOODS FESTIVAL which is great fun, eating such crazy things as spiders, scorpians and other un-desirable delicassies outside my usual comfort zone. Will be nice to spend time with my parents, sister and adorable niece Lily before I fly back to my new home…. River Way Ranch Camp/Wonder Valley Family Camp!!

It has been a great time, and have thoroughly enjoyed it, but my heart will always beat for camp and I am excited to return to the US on the 15th of March to begin the next chapter of my camp adventure…. 18 months living and working for River Way and Wonder Valley!!

Love you all and cant wait to see you again this summer!!!


Mr. Maui