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Mahoney Gets Married | River Way Ranch Camp

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Mahoney Gets Married

Posted by August 31, 2012

On Saturday, August 25, Mahoney and his wife, Sarah (Baby G), tied the knot again after 10 years of marriage.  They renewed their vows in Las Vegas as Elvis presided over the wedding.

It was held at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel with more than 70 family, friends, camp staff and family camp people in attendance.  Special shout out to the Hopkins, Bruder, Hart, Perkins, Yoder families for making the trip out for this event!

Mahoney, a man of many talents, has his son Tyler (Tank) starting early on his own, and Tyler dressed in an Elvis suit. Adorable and all, Tyler one day may be renewing the vows of other camp couples – Elvis style.

Tank walked mommy down the isle while Payton escorted Mahoney.

The highlight of the ceremony was when Elvis asked Mahoney and Baby G to repeat after him – where the whole audience chimed in. It was a magical moment. Some might say Mahoney’s vows were also a highlight of the wedding. See him for details.


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