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Letter From Fuego

Posted by November 26, 2013

Fuego writes in again! Thanks for keeping us updated Fuego. We miss you. Enjoy Fuego’s letter below.


Hello campers and counselors of River Way Ranch Camp! I just wanted to give you all an update on what I’ve been up to since camp ended. As many of you know I recently joined the US Army Infantry. I’m currently in my 10th week of training at Fort Benning, Georgia and have four more weeks until graduation! The days have been long and the training has been tough but it has been a great experience. I wouldn’t change it for anything. One of my greatest accomplishments thus far in the army is while marching my platoon of 50 grown men to chow I had them sing little red wagon! So now all you seniors have no excuse not to sing it loud :).

 As many of you know this month River Way Ranch Camp will be partaking in the annual tradition of Movember! A month where the River Way family will grow mustaches to show their support and raise awareness for Men’s health issues. Unfortunately, due to Army regulations I am not allowed to grow a mustache…but that doesn’t mean I can’t show my support! 

 In the Army you must always have a battle buddy with you, someone who is never supposed to leave your side and is there for you no matter what. A battle buddy looks out for you in everything you do in the Army and in your personal life as well. The biggest thing about being a battle buddy is making sure he is always safe and healthy. The Army says a healthy soldier is the best solider and I feel this goes great with the Movember teachings! So I challenge all of you to find your battle buddy Just because you can’t grow a stache it still doesn’t mean you can’t do Mo!

Hasta La Fuego
Pvt. Fuego