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Landed A Tantrum | River Way Ranch Camp

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Landed A Tantrum

Posted by September 25, 2012

This summer, camper Demian Russo spent 4 weeks in ski camp working on landing his first Tantrum!  After working with Buddha while he was at camp, Demian was able to land the amazing trick at home in front of his friends and family!  Demian also received inspiration and training from CIT The Grouch and fellow camper Maxx Sellers!  Demian had this to say after he landed it- “Landing on the water and not falling was a weird but wonderful feeling after trying it so many times.  It didn’t feel real.  I looked up, and my friends were waving and yelling.  I had the biggest smile on my face for the rest of the day.  Thanks Buddha, The Grouch and Maxx for everything!!”

Check out the video: