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Jake Broder's Bar Mitzvah | River Way Ranch Camp

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Jake Broder’s Bar Mitzvah

Posted by April 17, 2012

Last Month, 5-year camper Jake Broder celebrated his Bar Mitzvah and invited a few of his favorite River Way Counselors to attend and celebrate with him! Dunk and Beaver attended the service and were joined by Pickle, Shooter, and Goat for the party that night!  All of the counselors had a great time there and enjoyed seeing many River Way Campers in attendance!  The night consisted of Karaoke, showing off their dance moves, and reminiscing with their campers about the summer.  The night wouldn’t have been complete without all of the campers and counselors taking over the dance floor and performing “When Love Takes Over” as well as their Mock Rock performance to “Cinema”.  Jake had this to say about the day, “It was so much fun and the counselors made the party something I will never forget.  I can’t wait until River Way 2012!”

If you would like to have some River Way counselors attend your special event, contact Sparkle at Hayley@RiverWayRanchCamp.com to make arrangements!