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Holidays Down Under! | River Way Ranch Camp

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Holidays Down Under!

Posted by January 13, 2015

Campers aren’t the only ones who keep summer in their hearts year round; for many of our staff, summer never ends! This past December, nearly a dozen of our counselors traveled to “the land down under” to spend their holidays with their River Way family.

Being camp counselors, no adventure would be complete without a challenging outdoor hike! Many in the group embarked on a journey through Australia’s beautiful Blue Mountains. They hiked through spectacular waterfalls and majestic mountain ranges, all while getting to experience Australia’s unique wildlife in person.

While some of our counselors spent their time in the Blue Mountains, others took to the coast at Australia’s famed Bondi Beach. There they learned how to surf and even put their summer training to work by acting as volunteer lifeguards. The beaches of Australia had never been more safe!

Although all of their adventures began in different parts of the country, all of our counselors made sure to make it back to Sydney in time to ring in the New Year together. Our counselors were so excited to start 2015 together with their River Way family. Four-year counselor Splash recalled, “…this was the trip of a lifetime! I had the best time getting to visit Australia and see my River Way family. This trip got me even more excited for this summer and I can’t wait to be back at camp!”

Developing friendships to last a lifetime expands beyond summer camp; for River Way campers and counselors, the opportunities to grow and make lasting memories continue year round!

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