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Family Camp So Cal Beach Reunion | River Way Ranch Camp

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Family Camp So Cal Beach Reunion

Posted by May 15, 2014

Every year at the end of River Way, a portion of our staff are selected to work a week of Family Camp. Families travel from all over California to take part in this unforgettable week, making great memories with their families and our staff.

On May 4th, over twenty-three of our counseling and leadership staff traveled down to south Laguna Beach for a Family Camp Beach Reunion.

2341Perfect weather provided for a perfect day filled with beach games, great food, and lots and lots of laughs. To our surprise, over seventeen families showed up!

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We would like to thank all of the families who came and specifically the Yoder family who, without them, the day would not have been possible.

And also a huge thanks to ALL of our staff who VOLUNTEERED their time and energy to make this day possible. It truly shows how special our staff are and the great lengths they go to for River Way Ranch Camp and Wonder Valley Family Camp.