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Eli Stern Ranked 1st in the Nation | River Way Ranch Camp

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Eli Stern Ranked 1st in the Nation

Posted by November 08, 2011

Fifth year River Way Ranch Camper, Eli Stern is a Freshman at Brentwood School in Los Angeles and plays for the Varsity Football Team.  His team currently has a 4-5 overall record, but Eli has been putting up some impressive stats of his own.

Eli is currently ranked:

·       First in the Nation in Defensive Interceptions among Freshmen Free Safeties

·       First in the State in Defensive Interceptions as a freshmen (Any Position)

·       Third in the State in Overall Offense among Freshmen Free Safeties and Quarterbacks

·       Fourth in the State among Freshmen Free Safeties for tackles

·       Sixth in the State in Defensive Interceptions in any grade level by a Free Safety

·       Ninth in the Nation among all Freshmen in Defensive Interceptions (Any Position)

Eli has this to say about his success:

“I’ve been so blessed to be able to play with the type of team that I am on.  All the older guys and upperclassmen have really enabled me to achieve all of these feats.  I owe it all to them and to my coaches.  I couldn’t be more thankful and excited for the team’s bright feature.”

Congratulations Eli for these impressive stats.  Keep up the good work the rest of the season.