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Charlotte Furie's Birthday! | River Way Ranch Camp

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Charlotte Furie’s Birthday!

Posted by November 14, 2012

Schwep, Digit and Shepherd had the pleasure of attending Charlotte Furie’s 11th birthday party! Almost her entire 5th grade class attended and everyone had an absolute blast. The highlight of the party was having the counselors running the crazy carnival activities!

Schwep helped out with the inflatable velcro wall where Charlotte and her friends could do nothing but laugh as they kept bouncing and getting stuck. Digit and Shepherd manned the games station for “HOT SHOT” and the Ring Toss. Party goers were able to win cool prizes and candy if they won competitions.

At the end of the night in true River Way tradition, Charlotte’s classmates attempted to pie her in the face…which of course turned into a smooth and creamy mess all around as pies went every which way. No one was safe!!!