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Camp Activity Fun Continues for 2015! | River Way Ranch Camp

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Camp Activity Fun Continues for 2015!

Posted by April 10, 2015

Summer camp is one of the most fun places on earth! Amazing, caring counselors and making memories with friends are some of the biggest highlights of our campers’ summers. Of course, River Way Campers love participating in our numerous activities that we have to offer as well! Some of the recent additions, to name a few, have been the ever-popular Atlantis, logrolling, laser tag, and paintball! This year, brand new to 2015, River Way Ranch Camp is proud to debut our two newest additions to our program: Spider-Jump and a double rider go-kart!

image005Spider-Jump Bungee Trampoline: Our trampoline center is getting an overhaul, and it’s bigger and better than ever! The Spider-Jump Bungee Trampoline is a safe, thrilling way to take things to new heights! Gymnasts and beginners alike will love soaring to new heights, jumping over 20 feet into the air and doing somersaults and flips while safely harnessed in by well-trained instructors.


Double Rider Go-Kart: Feel like flying around the track with a friend? Perhaps you would rather be the passenger, and let your counselor take the steering wheel. No problem! Our newest go-kart will be a great opportunity to form those lasting friendships, while building confidence behind the wheel.