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Brooklyn Takes Home a Win | River Way Ranch Camp

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Brooklyn Takes Home a Win

Posted by April 18, 2011

 This picture was shot signing in (notice the River Way bracelets on my wrist) before we won the festival Prize at Downtown Boca Film Festival for Best Documentary for my film “Ars Medicina: The Art of Healing.”  The film followed a team of doctors, nurses, and volunters into the Guatemalan jungle on a medical mission with the Mayan population. We endured a 6.2 earthquake, 3 live volcanos, fire ants, drinking orange tang and eating rice Krispie treats to treat almost 1000 patients, perform 145 surgeries, several hundred dental procedures and bring hope and relief to these underserved people. It is a great example of American technology, ingenuity and determination to do good things in the world that go mostly unnoticed.
The film will next screen at the Newport Beach Film Festival on Monday May 2 at 5 p.m. where it is an official selection of the festival.
Brooklyn (aka Dr. Michael Berlin)
Executive Producer
Ars Medicina: The Art of Healing
Congratulations Brooklyn!
We’re so lucky to have you back for another wonderful summer!
Campers get excited for Film School 2011!