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Breaking News – River Way's new lake program is ready for summer 2012 | River Way Ranch Camp

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Breaking News – River Way’s new lake program is ready for summer 2012

Posted by May 15, 2012

After months and months of hard work the LAKE PROGRAM is ready for summer camp to kick off!
Lombardo has been under construction since earlier this year, but on May 12th it set sail with 40+ staff members for its first official run.
Lombardo drove like a champ and with River Way’s incredible Lake Staff, the staff enjoyed an exciting and memorable day on the lake to begin the summer.
Get ready campers, the Lake Program is going to blow you away this summer.
Be sure to check out what awaits you on Pine Flat Lake.
Enjoy water-skiing, wake-boarding, jet-ski rides, tube rides, water-slides and MORE!

Check out the video HERE!