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Baxter’s Volunteering Adventure

Posted by April 19, 2012

Recently, New Counselor BAXTER volunteered as a trip leader, taking 8 students from The University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia to Fiji as part of the Global Village Program! During the two week trip, Baxter and the students worked at the only high school in the area teaching them English, computer skills, and restoring some of the historical documents damaged by a recent cyclone. They also made donations to local libraries including computers, books, printers, cameras, sporting equipment, and toys. The group was lucky enough to be invited to march with the Banaban women and child welfare organizations in the opening parade of the annual Rabi Island Festival. Due to the success of this trip, this program will make annual trips to the Rabi Island to provide further support!

Thanks for sharing,  Baxter and WELCOME to River Way Family!