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Around the World!

Posted by June 10, 2011

Returning counselors Schwep and Spike along with NEW counselor Digit joined 5 friends on a 15 day tour of Spain, France, and Italy.  They visited Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Toledo, Cannes, Nice, Monaco, Florence, Assisi, and Rome….

The Journey started with the end of their finals week at college and Spike driving from Chico to LA to pick up Digit.  They then drove to Las Vegas the next day and left for Spain.  After the end of their AMAZING trip, they arrived the next day at camp to start Lifeguard, Wave runner, and CPR/First Aid Training!

The highlights of the trip for Schwep included going to Tolego, Spain and finding out where the phrase “Holy Toledo” comes from.  She also enjoyed cliff jumping and riding bikes on the beaches of France.  Schwep says. “Being with such great people in such an amazing place is really what made the whole trip memorable!!”  She also had the chance to meet and go dancing with the cast of Jersey Shore!!

Spike enjoyed singing on the Spanish Steps, bike riding and jumping in the beautiful waters of Nice, and touring Rome at night.  He also enjoyed watching the sun set on a dock in Nice while eating an entire pizza by himself.  Spike also had the opportunity to go singing on the Spanish steps, which was a highlight of his trip.

New Counselor Digit said the highlight of his trip was going and seeing the history that he has learned about over the years.  He LOVED seeing where the Romans would prepare for battle or to just walk though castles when emperors would sleep.  Even thought the whole trip as amazing, he said the favorite part was visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa because his favorite person, Sir Issac Newton, ran many experiments from the top of the tower.

We are glad you three has such a great trip and start to your summer.

Digit, Spike, and Schwep can’t wait for all the campers to get here!!!