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Posted by November 07, 2010

There are many experiences that are unique to this amazing country, from summer camps such as River Way right the way through to the college football. Both of these experiences allow unparalleled insights into the inner workings and culture of the American people. As we well know, Skip has thoroughly explored the summer camp experience, as for the college football…that’s another story!

Hailing from Australia, where college is called University and football is Australian Rules Football. The idea of combining both seemed strange, yet alluring to for the Aussie. Skip decided to explore this “college football” that everyone seemed to talk about. He started with the opening game of the season at Fresno State – a modest tailgate, slightly enthused crowd and average atmosphere. This is what all the fuss was about? Determined to give this experience another chance, the Perkins family from Wonder Valley’s Family Camp invited Skip to attend a USC game at the Colosseum! This was much better, the tailgate was huge, the crowd loud and the atmosphere electric! Despite losing the game, the USC football experience had made a favorable and lasting impression.

College football was growing on our foreign friend and attending the homecoming game at Stanford a few weeks later was some what of a let down. Despite sitting in the Red Zone(the student section), the stadium was half empty and the crowd, unenthused. Despite winning the game, Skip unfortunately didn’t leave with the same feeling!

In order to expand his horizons, Skip set his sights to the east coast, where college football began, where he could finally experience what college football really was! Over the past weekend, Skip travelled to State College, Pennsylvania, home to the Nittany Lions. Arriving early on the Saturday and tailgating with over 100,000 other fans in the lead up to the 8pm kick off. The fans were passionate, the build up to the game, intense – the weather, cold! The game saw Penn State up against fierce rivals Michigan. The stadium was packed to the rafters with 108,558 fans. The Blue Band was pumping the crowd up and the 22,000 Penn Statestudents were cheering their lungs out! As the game came to a close, Penn Statetriumphed 41-31 – the crowd burst into cheer as the Alma Mater was sung loudand proud.

The Penn State college football experience left Skip stunned! It was the greatest sporting event hehad ever witnessed. It allowed him to truly partake in a great American tradition and understand what all the fuss was about. There will always be a special place in Skip’s heart for Penn State and for college football.

Skip is thoroughly looking forward to returning to RWR in 2011 and is continuing to let Love take over throughout the country! He cannot wait to see each and every single one of you next summer! Next time you see him, be sure to ask him about college football, who knows, he may even know the rules by then!